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Children's Hat Scarf Gloves One-piece Hat

Children's Hat Scarf Gloves One-piece Hat

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Product information:
Fabric name: Polyester
Color: Small m-gray, small m-beige, small m-skin pink, small m-light pink, small m-khaki, large M-gray, large M-khaki, large M-beige, large M-skin pink green bud-light pink, green bud-gray, green bud-khaki, green bud-beige, green bud-skin pink flower rabbit-White, flower rabbit-purple, flower rabbit-pink, flower rabbit-skin pink, animal-pink fox, animal-purple rabbit, long eared rabbit-White, Long Eared rabbit-pink, long eared rabbit-yellow, long Eared rabbit-purple, large M pocket bear-white, large M pocket bear-light pink, large M pocket bear-gray, large M pocket bear-beige, large M pocket bear-pink skin large M pocket bear-khaki, m pocket bear-Gray, m pocket bear-beige, m pocket bear-skin pink m pocket bear-light pink, m pocket bear-dark khaki, small m mask-skin pink small m mask-gray, small m mask-beige, small m mask-light pink, small m mask-khaki, large M mask-gray, large M mask-khaki, large M mask-White, big M mask-light pink Big M mask-skin pink, TX baby-red, TX baby-yellow, TX baby-blue, TX baby-purple, BEBEAR-pink (no mask),BEBEAR-khaki (no mask),BEBEAR-blue (without mask),bear-beige (without mask), Pikachu-yellow (ear moving), asterisk D White, asterisk D pink, asterisk D Megurine Luka, star D purple, bear-pink (with mask),bear-khaki (with mask),bear-blue (with mask),bear-beige (with mask), Flower pointed ears two-piece set-White, Flower pointed ears two-piece set-light pink, Flower pointed ears two-piece set-khaki, Flower pointed ears two-piece set-purple
Main fabric composition: Polyester (polyester fiber)
Suitable season: Winter

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